The Best Cities in The U.S. for Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is quickly approaching which means people are starting to plan how they will celebrate. Many cities hold their different versions of celebrations from parades, to festivals, local restaurant parties and more.

Ever wonder what cities are the best for celebrating the Irish holiday? Where do Connecticut cities rank in terms of St. Patrick's Day fun?

According to a series of categories including traditions, cost, safety and weather WalletHub created a list of the top 200 cities in the U.S. for celebrating St. Patrick's Day!

Here are the top 5!

  1. Chicago, IL
  2. Boston, MA
  3. Philadelphia, PA
  4. Pittsburgh, PA
  5. Tampa, FL

For cities in Connecticut, two made the top 200 list. New Haven came in at number 55 and Bridgeport was number 80.

Now where do cities close to Connecticut rank?

  • Boston, MA was number 2
  • New York, NY came in at number 7
  • Providence, RI was ranked number 28
  • Worcester, MA was 30
  • Jersey City, NJ was ranked number 61
  • Springfield, MA was 101
  • Paterson, NJ was number 178

For more information about how the cities were ranked, you can visit WalletHub's website.

Source: WalletHub

Chicago River which is dyed green for St. Patrick`s day, Chicago, Ilinois, US

Picture Credit: Getty Images

St. Patrick's Day Events In Connecticut  - Thumbnail Image

St. Patrick's Day Events In Connecticut

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