Tropicana Has A New Cereal That's Meant To Be Eaten With Orange Juice

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The creative minds at Tropicana just unveiled a new cereal that's meant to be eaten with their Orange Juice! Introducing, Tropicana Crunch Honey Oat Cereal.

..for those who are cereal curious like us,
we made Tropicana Crunch.
Cereal that's down to be drowned in OJ.
Honey almond clusters that are
made to be spooned and sipped.
A breakfast taste test we can all take together.

The fun new take on breakfast is set to launch of May 4, which also happens to be National Orange Juice Day!

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Have you ever eaten cereal with OJ instead of Milk? How was it? Let's chat @justPEREZplay.

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