The 5 Most Abandoned Places In Connecticut

If you're big into old abandoned/creepy places and such - buckle up. Connecticut is chock full of these guys and I can honestly say that I had no idea any of these existed until now. You could start out early in the morning and rip through these 5 wild spots or really dig in and break them out into multiple excursions. Thanks to for digging these guys out!

1. Hearthstone Castle (Danbury) - ...wait, we have a castle?

2. Holy Land USA (Waterbury) - ...and a religious themed amusement park?

3. Shade Swamp Sanctuary (Farmington) - ...and an old zoo?

4. Mansfield Training School (Mansfield) - an old mental institution? That actually makes sense. That's creepy building 101 stuff.

5. Gungywamp (Groton) - ...and a place that nobody knows how it got here...naturally.

Check out some more information and full break down from the squad over here.

Abandoned House Against Trees

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Dori Desnoyers

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