CEO's You Should Know: Chris Allen of iCleanse

After working under Hubbell as the President of iDevices for 3 years, Allen decided to step away and pursue iCleanse as his next venture. In this episode Allen explains how he had been an investor in the company ReadyDock in 2017. This year he made the jump to acquire ReadyDock and transformed it into iCleanse. Allen was able to see the potential and need for these products during this pandemic. There was an opportunity to play a positive role in this pandemic for companies and different establishments across the country. iCleanse believes in helping and protecting the community. 

Why Disinfect with iCleanse?

iCleanse products consist of a variety ofchemical-free docking stations that are used for high-touch surfaces that require disinfection in germ-sensitive settings. You can use iCleanse devices to disinfect electronic equipment, medical items, company electronics, and many other high-touch surfaces. iCleanse products disinfect these surfaces with UVC taking as little as 60 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on what pathogens you are trying to kill. 

Allen explains that providing a secure and simple way to manage and disinfect devices such as smartphones, tablets, and company electronics will result in a safer and healthier environment for businesses, employees, and their families. This is just the beginning for iCleanse. This company is here to create a bright future ahead that will positively impact people across the country, while keeping their work life efficient and safe. 

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