Election Day Freebies 2020

There are several freebie Election Day deals available today whether you have voted or not. We explain that because according to federal law, it’s technically illegal to offer freebies in exchange for votes, so even if you don’t have a “I Voted” sticker, you’re in.

Krispy Kreme is giving away glazed doughnuts along with a special voting sticker while supplies last and Planet Fitness is offering a free workout and massage today through November 8th (that’s Sunday)to help work off some of that election stress.

Boston Market is celebrating Election Day and National Sandwich Day – which are both today – by offering fans a free Slider after the polls close tonight. Like what? These:

  • Chicken Chipotle – Pulled rotisserie chicken with ranch dressing and chipotle sauce with pepper jack cheese
  • Chicken Cheddar – Pulled rotisserie chicken with garlic sauce and herbed mayo with cheddar cheese
  • Turkey Cheddar – Sliced turkey breast with garlic sauce and herbed mayo with cheddar cheese
  • BBQ Meatloaf – Sliced meatloaf with zesty mayo and BBQ sauce with cheddar cheese

As it turns out, Election Day and National Sandwich Day both fall on today, so it’s your lucky day!

McDonald’s is giving away new pastry items with the purchase of coffee.

Planet Fitness is offering a way to work off the election stress with a free workout and massage.

Uber and Lyft are offering discounted rides to the polls.

Hertz is giving a free day for a rental car “to perform your civic duty.”

Door Dash will have free delivery on all orders of at least $15 placed on Election Day.

Chili's is offering their Presidente margaritas for just $5

Source:USA Today

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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