Leinenkugel’s Is Giving Away Free Beer For At Home Oktoberfests

Oktoberfest, one of world's largest and longest running events is not happening this year due to the pandemic. It's definitely a bummer. I got to visit Germany last year and experience it myself and honestly, it is a BLAST!! While the event may not be happening, the celebrations don't necessarily have to stop, especially at home. Leinenkugel's wants to keep the fun going and is giving fans an opportunity to celebrate Oktoberfest at home with FREE Oktoberfest brews. 21+ fans have a shot at scoring a free 6-pack just by immersing into Oktoberfest culture. They are asking fans to listen to 60 seconds of traditional polka music to unlock a special code to redeem theirs.

Of course, its also tradition for Men to wear Lederhosen and Women to wear a Dirndl at Oktoberfest, so they even came out with their own twist on Lederhosen called Leiniehosen, which are made out of fleece. Pretty cool!

Learn more at www.leiniehosen.com


Article photo by Arne Trautmann / EyeEm for Getty Images

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