Most Ordered Foods On The East Coast

DoorDash has just shared some interesting food trends from the past few months. When it comes to the most popular food ordered on the service, it was Mexican! Seafood came in second place. When it comes to the top five items ordered in the past 6 months, Chicken Sandwiches/French Fries topped the list followed by Mac and Cheese, Spicy Shrimp Tacos, Make Your Pizzas and Iced Coffee.

But what are East Coasters ordering the most of? Iced Coffee, Donuts and Belgian Waffles were a breakfast hit. Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, Chips and Iced Tea were a must for lunch. Chicken Quesadillas, Caesar Salads and Fried Rice were top picks for dinner. And lastly for snacks, Chicken Fingers, Apple Pie and Sugar Cookies made the most noise. Shocked? What are you ordering the most these days? Lets chat @justPEREZplay.

Check out more findings in their full report here.

Photo: Oscar Wong/ Getty Images

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