High-Wire Walk Across An Active Volcano!

Aerialist Nik Wallenda is going to be walking across an active volcano!

He is a 7th generation wire-walker for the "Flying Wallendas". He has high-wire walked across the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls and more!

The wire he will be walking across is only one-inch thick and this will be his longest and highest walk to date.

The particular volcano chosen for the walk, the Masaya Volcano, in Nicaragua, is one of the most active volcano's in the world.

As Wallenda walks across the pool of lava, he will have to take precautions as the volcano releases poisonous gases. He will be wearing a protective mask and goggles.

Wallenda has even been practicing on the rope blind because of the chance that the goggles could fog up in the middle of the walk.

You can watch the walk live tomorrow, March 4th, during ABC's special, "Volcano Live with Nik Walled" at 8 p.m. ET.

Source: Good Morning America


Picture Credit: Getty Images

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