Can cleaning products kill the coronavirus?

My wife is going crazy about the Coronavirus. She was on Amazon last night buy cleaning products, toilet paper and canned goods. Some of the products she bought were selling out. She says better safe than sorry.

Many household disinfectants tout their ability to kill 99-point-9-percent of bacteria and viruses. Lysol and Clorox even mention "human coronavirus" on the back of some of their containers. So do these disinfectants really kill the novel coronavirus? The u-s environmental protection agency is weighing in: The disinfectants are thought to be effective against the novel coronavirus -- but it has not been scientifically proven. Right now, the risk of getting novel coronavirus in the u-s remains low ... But Tuesday, a u-s centers for disease control and prevention official warned that the virus is expected to spread in the US.To avoid catching any virus practice using good hygiene. Wash your hands frequently, wipe down your work space, use a tissue when you sneeze or cough, and keep your hands away from your face. Also, don't share water bottles -- and stay home if you aren't feeling well.


(photo: Getty Images)

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