Coronavirus Update and Statistics

People all across the world are concerned about the Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that was first discovered in China and has now spread internationally.

Places like China and South Korea are considered to be at level 3 by the CDC, which means no one should travel there unless absolutely necessary.

Hong Kong, Italy and Iran are at level 2 which means that people should be taking extra precautions if they are visiting.

According to the CDC, there have been just under 500 people tested in the United States for the Coronavirus. Of those tested, there have been 15 confirmed cases in the U.S at this time. The virus has been confirmed in Massachusetts, Illinois, Wisconsin, Arizona, California and Washington.

Individuals who are traveling are encouraged to take extra precautions, especially when you will be in close proximity with other people on airplanes and ships. The CDC recommends avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth and to wash your hands often.

John Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering has created a map which shows the spread of the Coronavirus in real time.

Source: CDC


Picture Credit: Getty Images

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