"Next Generation" Dunkin' Opens in Milford

Dunkin' is currently launching new technology at their "next generation" stores.

The first location to see these changes opened in the city where the famous Dunkin' Donuts got their start, Quincy, Massachusetts. In January, the store showed customers how Dunkin' Brands is looking to make stopping at Dunkin' easier for everyone.

Now, Dunkin' lovers in Milford will get to experience the "next generation" benefits in the opening of the remodeled building on February 14th.

The "next generation" locations include on-tap beverages of customer favorites and a special selection of donuts, bagels and more.

Dunkin' hopes these changes will make stopping in for your daily coffee and donuts a faster and smoother process.

You can see the "Next Generation" Dunkin' at 275 Boston Post Road in Milford!

Source: CT Post

Picture Credit: Getty Images

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