Courtney's BBQ Meatball Recipe + Keto-Friendly Cocktail

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The Courtney & KISS in the Morning Holiday Party to showcase the dangers of drinking and driving alongside Connecticut State Police featured some great snacks and beverages that the Courtney and KISS in the Morning enjoyed.

Courtney’s BBQ Meatballs:

  • Two bags of frozen meatballs
  • One bottle of Sweet Baby Rays Original BBQ sauce
  • 2 cups of Concord Grape Jelly
  • Mix the BBQ sauce and jelly together
  • Pour it over the meatballs in a slow cooker
  • Add a dash of salt and pepper
  • Cook for a hour on high or two hours on low in a slow cooker

In Courtney’s Cocktail Corner…

A keto-friendly cocktail:

  • Titos (it’s gluten-free)
  • Zevia zero calorie soda
  • Sparkling Ice flavored seltzer (Courtney chose the coconut pineapple flavor)
  • A fun paper straw!

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Courtney & KISS in the Morning's Holiday Party - Thumbnail Image

Courtney & KISS in the Morning's Holiday Party

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