Local Spotlight Featuring Samantha Cole

Samantha Cole out of Danbury has been living music for over 20 years and her newest single 'Hitchhiker' was inspired by real life experiences!

"I would be somewhere random like on the treadmill and have to stop and write things down. It just kept coming creatively."

From one inspiring song an entire EP has snowballed and will be coming out later this year called Human.

"I never expected to be releasing any new music. The forthcoming EP will be my first musical project to see the light of day in several years of what will be the 23rd anniversary of my Universal Records release. This whole EP is my story of my journey of what I have been through. This is the first of the songs I will be releasing. It is somewhat raw. But, I promise you they are all so real. I hope to inspire people with my story and show them you CAN get through it—whatever the it is! Even if you are on your own you can take back YOU and shine!"

Samantha is doing incredible work with her business Celebrity Voice Coach (CVC) and she’s back to talk about it all on the latest episode of The Local Spotlight!

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