Best Video Game System Ever?

If you and your friends have ever argued over 'which gaming console is the greatest' - this video should put that argument to bed. TheNextWeb compiled 40 years worth of reports, sales, data, insternet stories etc into a pretty sweet video.

Mainly, it comes from official company statements. You know, things like annual and quarterly reports that track console sales. We also leaned quite heavily onthe Video Game Sales Wiki, so bless the people behind that. Aside from those sources, we also pulled data from Wikipedia, news sites, and company blogs. You know, the standard spots. It’s important to note that due to our data-discovery methods, the graph is unlikely to be totally precise. Instead, think of it as a happy estimate for amusement, rather than a hard-hitting, investigative breakdown of the console wars. It’s cool though, right?

Is it 100% accurate...perhaps not - but it's a cool snapshot view of how the gaming world has been shaped over the last 40 years. My favorite system? N64....forever.



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