Eat Breakfast With Sloths In Boston

You know what has been missing from breakfast? No, not bacon. There is always bacon. IT'S BEEN MISSING SLOTHS.

The Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, MA has finally configured the perfect breakfast scenario. According to Only In Your State, they offer a time when you can actually hang out with the sloths and have some breakfast with them.

The "Breakfast With The Sloth" event will be held on Feb. 17 and March 2, 2019. This unique encounter allows guests to enjoy a delicious continental breakfast while learning all about Earth’s slowest mammal. Registrants will receive special early entry into the zoo and get to observe the sloths interact with their carers and eat breakfast of their own.

They do say that you won't be able to pet them or anything, but I don't want to pet them anyways - I just want to hang out with them! (PS: 2/17 is my brother's birthday soooo his present might have just been figured out). 

If you want to have the greatest breakfast evert - you better book it fast before spaces run out! Click here for event info.

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