Most Hated Phrases Used in E-mails

We all use specific work lingo when writing an e-mail at work to get things done, but apparently there are phrases and words that people actually know what they mean which is why they are the most hated words to see in an e-mail.

So instead of tip-toeing what you actually want to get done at work make sure to avoid using these phrases because people already know what they mean and isn't helping your cause. Here is a list of the worst phrases and what they mean:

  • "As Stated Below" - "Reread everything below because obviously you didn't before replying"
  • "Let Me Clarify" - "You obviously didn't understand my message"
  • "Sorry for Being Unclear" - "Obviously you didn't read anything or didn't pay attention"
  • "Per My Last E-Mail" - "You better have read the last e-mail and not ask anything stupid"
  • "Hope This Helps" - "Please stop bothering me"
  • "Moving Forward" - "Stop wasting time and let's move on"
  • "Just Checking In" - "I'm going to keep annoying you until I get a response"
  • "Kind Regards" - "You suck and I hate you" or "F&%@ You"

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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