Company Offers Extra Days Off To Non-Smokers

A company in Japan is offering non-smokers an extra 6 days off per year to make up for the cigarette breaks that smokers take. You read that extra SIX DAYS OFF PER YEAR.

Per the CEO of the company:

I hope to encourage employees to quit smoking through incentives rather than penalties or coercion.

Personally, as a non-smoker - I would love this. I never really thought about the time taken by smokers as extra breaks...but the picture this guy paints, it makes sense. Free vacation days for the people who don't smoke - if that's not a good enough reason to quit smoking I don't know what know, other than all of the health benefits - not standing outside in the middle of winter - saving all the money you spend on cigarettes - etc.

What do you think? Yes? No? Maybe? Check out the full story here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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