Connecticut's Favorite Halloween Candy

If you're a candy lover this is the best time of year because all the delicious Halloween candy is out!  It's so hard to choose my favorite candy and thankfully we don't have to choose because has compiled the most popular candies in every state!!!    

Connecticut is the state where the constitution was signed. Historical. And they love Almond Joy, which we find remarkable and lovely. Almond Joy is the number one candy here for the third straight year with Milky Way coming in second, M&M’s third.

CT loves Almond Joy almost as much as they love newspapers. Over 144 newspapers are published in CT. That’s one newspaper for every 25k people! If you’re in Connecticut for Halloween, try to clear your porch of all those papers and make sure to offer the kids some Almond Joy, or the second place winner Milky Way.


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