Best Halloween Candy

I know that stores are pushing Christmas everything but the people need to remember that Halloween is this month and it's sneakily one of the best holidays of the year. You get to dress up in outrageous costumes and people give you candy....FOR FREE. Nothing is free anymore which is what makes Halloween so damn awesome. The downside? Some people are really really bad at giving out good candy.

For those of you not sure what the best Halloween candy is...I have my top 5 list for you so your house can become the talk of the neighborhood this year, or at the very least be the house that has my heart.

1) Kit Kat - the GOAT of all chocolate candy...we can argue if you want to but you won't win.

2) M&M's - honestly any kind.

3) Reese' Peanut Butter Cups - Because there are exactly zero things wrong when mixing peanut butter and chocolate.

4) Charleston Chews - I'll admit this is my guilty pleasure, don't take too much stock in loading up on these for the kids.

5) Twix - Yet to meet a Twix bar I didn't like. Pro-caramel for life.

Most Popular Halloween Candy In Connecticut - Thumbnail Image

Most Popular Halloween Candy In Connecticut

These are my personal favorites when it comes to Halloween candy. Over the years there have been some pretty great commercials...and also some pretty terrible commercials (by terrible, we're looking directly at you Charleston Chew).

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