Most Googled Money Terms in New England

I know a few things about money. I like it...I want more of it...and I spend it.

Unsurprisingly, money is a VERY popular term searched in Google and followed the money train and it led to some pretty cool findings from google searches over the last year.

Queries for cryptocurrency-related terms have shot up. Searches for “Bitcoin value” and “Bitcoin price” were more common around the time the cryptocurrency’s value peaked in late 2017. This event also bumped up similar searches for other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. -

Not too surprising that cryptocurrency searches have increased, but the one thing that I found most interesting in this study was the ride of money questions rolling around in Reddit.

An increasingly popular source of personal finance advice is Reddit. One of the fastest-growing queries related to this topic is for the “r/personalfinance” subreddit. Searchers also want to find the “Reddit personal finance flowchart.” -

New Englanders are searching pretty across the board when it comes to money and finances. Maine wants to save, Connecticut wants to know about 401k's and New Hampshire wants to buy cars.

Check out the rest of New England's results +'s full story here.

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