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Demi Lovato Cancels Rest Of 

Her Tour

Demi Lovato has canceled the remaining dates on her "Tell Me You Love Me" tour to focus on her recovery after her recent overdose. The pop star was scheduled to perform concerts in Mexico and South America in September and November.

Justin Bieber Reveals Why He 

Was Crying

TMZ caught up with the Biebs and asked him about the crying sesh. It appeared he was going to ignore the question, but then before getting into his car he held up a book by Timothy Keller called ‘The Meaning of Marriage’ and said QUOTE, “This.” when asked what it meant he added QUOTE, “You got good days and you got bad days. It’s not real if it doesn’t have any bad days.”  

So it looks like Tuesday was just a bad day for the couple!

Drakes Tour Bus Gets Towed

Drake and Migos are set to kick off their tour tonight in Kansas City, Mo., as long they can make it to the venue. TMZ reports that one of Drizzy's tour buses was towed early Thursday morning from the parking lot outside the rapper's hotel.

It's unclear why the bus, a rental, was towed.  Local law enforcement told TMZ there are no citations or arrests associated with the vehicle.

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