Connecticut Workers Need More Sleep

Mattress Clarity polled 2,500 American workers and found some pretty eye-opening numbers on sleeping and work behaviors.

Broken down by state, Mattress Clarity found that Nevada is where the highest number of people are surviving on five hours of sleep or less: 43.8% of them in fact – the 170K+ casino workers in Las Vegas may account for Nevada leading the sleep survival statistics nationwide. 

Almost 1/4 of Connecticut workers 'survive' on less than 5 hours sleep each night. (23.2%)

More and more people are working more, thinking about work more, working more off the clock, grabbings second and third jobs AND according to

Over 1 in 10 Americans admit that they sometimes drink alcohol in order to sleep better. However, far from lulling you off to a good rest, alcohol can actually disrupt your sleep pattern.

Check out the map below to see how other states stack up!

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