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Halsey Says G-Easy and Demi Lovato Are Just Friends, G-Easy Responds

Just weeks after G-Easy’s very public breakup with Halsey, he was allegedly seen holding hands with Demi Lovato. This, naturally, fired up all kinds of rumors that the two were dating, but fans were quick to debunk that idea after pointing out that the man in the photos that Demi was holding hands with was not G-Eazy. 

And if that’s not enough prood for you, just last night at the 2018 ESPY Awards, G-Eazy himself denied the rumors completely.  He told ET when asked about dating Demi, QUOTE “No, she’s just a friend.” He did continue on to explain he does understand the speculation, adding QUOTE “It’s just one of those things that comes with the territory.” 

Chris Brown Catches Young Boy Who Faints On Stage

Chris Brown called a young fan onstage to tackle his 2014 hit "Loyal" with him in front of a crowd of thousands. The moment started off innocently enough with the two dapping each other up and dancing as the chorus blasted from the speakers. As would likely be the case for many in the audience, the boy was visibly starstruck being up there with one of his idols and fainted right in the middle of the stage.

As soon as the young performer passed out, the 29-year old sprung into action, scooped him up, and handed him back to someone in the sea of people, hopefully a parent or guardian. Thankfully, the kid seemed to be just fine shortly afterward because the rest of the show went off without a hitch. 

Are Taylor Swift And Lady Gaga Collaborating Together?

Lady Gaga has been hard at work making her sixth studio album at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. And guess who just showed up there yesterday? None other than Taylor Swift herself. 

The pop singer is currently in the middle of her Reputation tour, but she decided to take a visit while she was in NYC for her performances. Taylor was photographed walking in and out of the studio where Gaga has been recording her next album, which led to a ton of hypotheses.

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