Memorial Day Weekend: Best Cookout Foods

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The only science behind this post is my personal thoughts and likes about it's guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Before we get into this I want to point out steak is not on the list...I love steak but it's just not a great cookout food (I'm sorry to all of my Steaksgiving fam)

The Top 5 Cookout Foods according to me are:

5) Chicken (all forms) - I don't care what kind of chicken it is: wings, tenders, breasts, thighs - they're all delicious and they're all even more delicious when prepared on a grill...and done right.

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4) Hot Dogs - They're simple and delicious. They're also easily controlled by one hand which leaves your other hand free for lawn games, high fives and of course an adult beverage (or soda if you aren't 21).

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3) Sausage - It's a classier version of a Hot Dog...all the same rules apply.

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2) Corn on the Cob - I understand I slid a vegetable onto this list, BUT HAVE YOU HAD GRILLED CORN ON THE COB? It's amazing. It's culturally acceptable to cover the whole thing in butter and not be judged for it so how could it not be in the Top 5?

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1) Hamburger - It's just the perfect food for grilling. You can add cheese, bacon, more meat, condiments...anything else unhealthy that you desire and it all just makes sense. The only caveat I have here is you don't eat it rare.

Pro Tip: Add chicken on top of your burger and make a Chirger're welcome in advance.

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