Lewis Capaldi Talks Fame, Relationships and What’s Next

Don’t expect Lewis Capaldi to be your typical superstar. He may be behind hit ballad “Someone You Loved,” but he isn’t about to harp on the emotional lyrics and breakup behind the song — or take fame too seriously.

“Look at me,” Capaldi told Ryan Seacrest when he stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday, October 15. “I’m never going to be Mr. Serious when I look like meatloaf,” he joked. “… I think the music can be serious, right? And you can do the music and this doesn’t have to last forever. I just want to look back and think, ‘You know what? I had a great, good time with it.’ And I am. I’m having a lovely time.”

Capaldi, who still lives with his parents, agreed that he does have a levity to him and doesn’t want to be a sap story.

“You go out for a gig and see someone on stage and they’re like, ‘Here’s this next song that’s about a girl that left me and I was really sad’ and it’s like, ‘Who cares!’” Capaldi explained of his view. “[You’re like] ‘Sing the song! I came here to hear it! Sing it! You’re making me mad! Do it!’ You know what I mean?”

That said, the 23-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter said he will continue to work some personal experiences and stories into his music, but finding love on the road has been difficult. 

“I think you can still find stuff to write about,” he concluded. “I think [having] all this stuff happen, it’s amazing, but the rest of the part … I’m never home so I … miss home … and there’s stuff to write about that … and it’s [also] very hard to cultivate a romantic relationship when you’re on the road.”

Watch back the full interview in the video above for more, including to hear what’s next for the emerging artist. And click here for ticket info to catch Capaldi at iHeartRadio's 2019 Jingle Ball in NYC on December 13.

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