Pest Control Company Offers $2,000 To Participate In Experiment

The Pest Informer, a Pest Control Company in Raleigh, North Carolina is looking to conduct an experiment that'll pay some decent cash.

For a 30 day study, five to seven homeowners could earn $2,000! The catch, they'll release 100 cockroaches into your home as they test out a new treatment method.

For me, honestly - it would have to be a hard NO! I am getting itchy as I type this (LOL)!

In a time where everyone could use extra cash, would you opt in and intentionally invite these pests into your home?

Let me know what you would do with the talkback mic on our free iHeart app or hit me up @justPEREZplay.

If you want to seriously inquire about the study, click on the article below from NBC News.

Photo: Rawintanpin - iStock / Getty

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