Netflix's "Sexy Beasts" Puts Fun New Spin On Dating

If you're a fan of "The Masked Singer" or "The Masked Dancer", here is fun new show to put on your radar. Netflix has just released a new trailer for their upcoming show "Sexy Beasts". The show really focuses on people connecting on an emotional level more than just physical.

"Sexy Beasts" is actually a reboot in some sorts, as the original idea comes from a British Television series that began in 2014 and aired on the BBC and on A&E. I guess they were really ahead of the game with this concept! Read more about the series here.

Check out the trailer below. The new "Sexy Beasts" drops on Netflix July 21. You know I'll be binge-watching (LOL)!

Photo: Alessandro Biascioli / iStock / Getty Images

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