Boston Bruins David Pastrnak Gives Hilarious Post Game Interview

Last night, the Boston Bruins took on the Philadelphia Flyers during a special outdoor game in Lake Tahoe. Following their impressive 7-3 win which included a hat trick, David Pastrnak was asked to step out to do a media interviews post game. Many of the players were wearing 90's gear prior to the game and Pasta held onto his pink shades when he stepped out.

When asked why he was still wearing the shades in the dark, he revealed "We were listening to Barbie Girl before you guys asked me to do media. So, I was kinda dancing with these glasses on in the locker room and then you guys ruined it, and I had to go answer the questions so I missed the Barbie Girl song and who knows what's going to be on when I come back."

Who knew the bruins got down to Aqua's "Barbie Girl" ? HILARIOUS! Thank you for the laugh Pasta.

Honestly, "Barbie Girl" still goes hard 24 years later!

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images