Donut Shop Sells Tide Pod Inspired Donuts

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With the recent trend of teen's eating Tide Pods, a North Carolina Donut shop decided to capitalize on the opportunity! Wake N Bake Donuts designed a new donut that looks EXACTLY like a Tide Pod. What a GENIUS marketing idea. But please... be smart. Eat food... not LAUNDRY DETERGENT! I honestly never thought we would have to tell people that in 2018. Yikes!

One of our Millennial employees (Caitlin) decided to take a moment to teach they youth the difference between what to eat and what not to eat. This is a can eat this! Tide is for laundry silly. Available at our Carolina Beach location today! #donutsarebetterthandetergent #wakenbakedonuts #carolinabeach #northcarolina #bestdonuts #saynototidepods

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