Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Send Tyrese $5 Million To Stay OFF The Internet

Tyrese is going through some crazy times right now. That includes public beefs with his 'Fast' co-star Dwayne Johnson and even legal battles involving his daughter and abuse allegations. He broke down the other day on social media asking his celebrity friends for help because he was going broke with everything happening. 

According to his Instagram post, Will & Jada Pinkett Smith came through and gave him $5 million to get back on his feet and to stay OFF social media. Instead of listening, he goes ON social media and shares that info that probably should've been kept to himself.

If someone is helping you and giving you $5 MILLION or any substantial amount of money, wouldn't you try to appease them? Lay low Tyrese. Lay low! Hopefully he gets his mind right and his life back together. 



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