Biggest Movies Coming Out In January

New Years means New Movies...hopefully bigger and better ones. Here are the must see flicks hitting the big screen in January 2020.

The Grudge - January 3rd, another remake of the Japanese based horror film. A lot of these movies tend to have the same look and feel with predictable 'scare' scenes...but hey, I'm optimistic - it's a new year!

Bad Boys for Life - January 17th, easily the best new movie in January for my personal tastes. We have waited 17 years for another round of Will Smith + Martin Lawrence...and its finally here. I wouldn't be mad if these guys decided to go full Fast and Furious and make 2,311 of these things...but I doubt it.

Dolittle - January 17th, it's not exactly Tony Stark but Robert Downey Jr is back to try and resurrect the Dr. Dolittle movies after a few Eddie Murphy box office bombs. This should do better than the previous is an Avenger after all.