Name of the Year 2018

Jimbob Ghostkeeper, Makenlove Petit-Fard, Delicious Peters, and Dr. Narwhals Mating...I promise you those are not made up names. Those are the FINAL FOUR contestants of the the Name of the Year bracket for 2018. 

This has been going on for a shockingly long time unbeknownst to me. The fact that all of the names on this year's list is incredible...and trust me, looking back at previous year's winners and brackets is a seriously addicting time suck (use your work break wisely). It will all make more sense when you check out Name of the Year's site and read the full story.

Don't say I didn't warn you...and for what it's worth my money is on Delicious Peters for 2018's People's Champ.

(photo credit: gettyimages)



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