Judgemental Map of Connecticut

I moved here less than a year ago so I'm still learning the state...everything it has to offer both good and bad...and where everything is located.

Thanks to David Andrews, I now have a VERY...and I stress VERY rough cheat sheet. Is he way off? Spot on? You have all been here longer than I have - you tell me! Some of these things I've heard before, or since coming to CT via NY and RI, I already has a small idea about.


One of the biggest arguments I've heard since I got here was about who has the best pizza. Per the map...it's in the southeast corner of the state...from what I've heard, it's around New Haven. 

We need to make a pizza map too...

...and while we're at it, if somebody can make me a map for local breweries - late night food options - trivia spots - hiking trails - and sand volleyball courts...I will take the maps and check them off one by one until I've got 'em all. Pokemon style.



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