Roseanne Is Coming Back...And I Don't Think I Care

First of all...sorry Kerry Collins, I know you love this show. But as a child, this show never did it for me. I'd rather they stop doing remakes, reboots and extending movie/television series beyond their original runs. The original runs is why the show was so great in the first place. 

I have a long long list of movies and television shows that I love - but I don't want to see them come back...101 times out of 100 (I am aware that 101 is a larger number than 100) they aren't as good and you leave disappointed. Heck, most of the shows I love end up going on too long and ruining themselves a little bit anyways. So, for those of you that LOVE Roseanne and remakes and reboots and re-whatevers - I hope you keep enjoying them...they're just not for me!

Again, I'm sorry Kerry Collins.



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