The Ultimate Cheeseburger - Cheese Lovers Rejoice

So I was recently sidelined over the last week with some kind of flu/sickness that's been going around. Everybody knows the drill...when you're sick you aren't hungry. But when you're better...YOU ARE STARVING. So now that i'm back to the land of the living this article on 'The Ultimate Cheeseburger made of 9 different cheeses' spoke to me on so many levels. I didn't even care that this thing was literally all cheese.

The Ultimate Cheeseburger was, regrettably, a one-time promotion by Hungryhouse during the 2017 holiday season. So even if you're based in the UK, you'll have to find another fix for your cheddar craving. (But hey, at least you have the recipe, right?) - |

I plan on making this thing (but obviously adding a ton of burger meat into the mix...along with bacon of course). I picture it in my mind going a little something like this...



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