What Does Your Snapchat Score Mean?

So my Snapchat score is approaching 100,000 (don't judge me)...and I wasn't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing. What do the points really mean? Is this a game against other Snapchatters?Can I win things?

Turns out from the minimal research I did...you can't win anything. BUT there are some decent explanations as to how your score is determined. From what I've gathered you get:

- Points for Sending Snaps (1 per person)

- Points for Opening Snaps (1 per open)

- No Points for Stories or Snap Messages

Is there a perfectly defined points system for Snapchat? I don't think so. But Aisling Moloney from MetroUK did a LOT more research than I did so if anyone knows it's her - check out the full story here.



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