It's Cold...Time to Binge Watch Netflix Shows!

It's cold, it snows. The last thing I want to do is go instead I'm binge-watching shows on Netflix and sharing with you my current Top 5 shows.

Peaky Blinders - I think this show is under the's a BBC Show so of course it's flying under the radar in America, but thankfully Netflix scooped it up. Cillian Murphy & Tom Hardy play 2 of the greatest characters I've ever seen. If you can survive the accents and like the Boardwalk Empire/Sons of Anarchy kind of thing then this will be right up your alley. I've gotten 5 different people to watch it in the last few weeks and they all love it so that counts for something right?


Stranger Things - Arguably the best thing Netflix has ever done. It nails the nostalgic feel of the 1980's, has killer music, and just the right amount of comedy for a dark drama series. Looking forward to Season 3 whenever the heck that is.

Ozark - The new Netflix hit starring Jason Bateman gives you everything you felt you were missing in your life since Breaking Bad ended. The only downfall is that it's only one season in so after I binged it I am now waiting an eternity for new episodes.


Orange is the New Black - 5 seasons deep and I still love this show more than I thought I ever would...I have no idea when Season 6 comes out but if you haven't watched it before you have plenty of seasons of show to watch before then.

The Ranch - Ashton Kutcher managed to convince Netflix to let him create an uncensored version of That 70's Show and set it in the mid-west...and with everything I've seen so far by the end of this thing the entire cast from That 70's Show will make an appearance as well.



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