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Usher Opens Up About His Crazy Diet

2022 Beloved Benefit

Photo: Marcus Ingram / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Usher is opening up about his pretty intense diet!

According to Us Weekly, Usher opened up about not eating on Wednesdays!

Us reports that Usher told WSJ Magazine, "I fast, not for religious purposes, but it’s something my grandmother practiced... fast on Wednesdays. I typically try to start around 11 p.m. the previous day, then go the entire day on Wednesday just drinking water."

However, on the mornings he does eat, Usher said he starts with a specific drink. "I’ve been doing this concoction of lemon, ginger, water and cayenne pepper... I drink it hot," he said.

Us notes Usher also revealed, "I don’t like to eat breakfast before I’ve worked out or done something physical: taking a walk, stretching or doing yoga, sitting in the sun and raising my body’s natural heat levels. Then I eat."

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