Kim Kardashian, SKIMS Charter Plane For Afghan Women's Youth Soccer Team

Members of the Afghan women's youth soccer team and their families reached safety in the UK on Thursday -- and Kim Kardashian played a huge role in the efforts. TMZ Sports has confirmed -- Kim and her SKIMS brand shelled out the money to charter a plane for 130 people from Pakistan to the UK.

The Afghans will spend 10 days in coronavirus quarantine before starting new lives in Britain. English Premier League club Leeds United has offered to support the players. Britain and other countries evacuated thousands of Afghans in a rushed airlift as Kabul fell to Taliban militants in August. Many more people have since left overland for neighboring countries in hope of traveling onwards to the West. Women playing sport was seen as a political act of defiance against the Taliban, and hundreds of female athletes have left Afghanistan since the group returned to power and began curbing women's education and freedoms.

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