Courtney's emotional personal announcement

A brave announcement from Courtney this morning as she shared some personal news:

"I promised that I wasn't going to cry...coming up, I am going to be taking 3-weeks off to deal with a little health issue I've got going on. It's time to share my story in case it helps somebody else out."

Courtney, the morning show host of KISS in the Morning heard on KISS 95-7 for nearly 25-years, shared her very emotional and personal health issue with her listeners. She found a swollen lymph node as she was applying cream on her neck one day during December/January, went to her primary care physician to have it examined.

Her doctor referred her to Connecticut Ear, Nose & Throat for a series of tests - ultrasounds, biopsies, CAT scans, PET scans - the possibility of thyroid cancer was mentioned. Courtney has a surgery scheduled for June 22 at Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford with Dr. James Flaherty.

She added this important reminder, "If you have a swollen lymph node, don't ignore it, get it checked."

Courtney will be out for 3-weeks, however, Walmart Jeff will remain on-air and we will be checking in with her when we can! Please send her good vibes and healing thoughts through her process!

Have some advice for her first surgery and the process of lymph node removal? Leave a comment for Courtney on Facebook.