CT: Rescue Relief is on the way for Small Businesses & Non Profits!

Governor Lamont The Connecticut Recovery Bridge Loan Program. Saving Connecticut Small Businesses & Non Profits! Here's how you can apply for help.

On Wednesday, he announced the launch of the Connecticut Recovery Bridge Loan Program, which will help small businesses and nonprofits.

So what is it?

A zero-interest loan program to help Connecticut small businesses and nonprofits that have been impacted by COVID-19.

Administered by the Department of Economic and Community Development and will make $25 million available to businesses and nonprofits in the state that have fewer than 100 employees.

Business owners & non-profits can apply online. Officials hope the applicants can have the money within weeks. Apply here: online 

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“We are trying to make this as streamlined as possible,” said Commissioner David Lehman, Department of Economic and Community Development. “Obviously, we are working from home like many folks are as well. We are trying to get the money and process the application and get the money without delay in two or three weeks, but we are still working through the logistics on that, but our goal is to turn this very, very quickly. “

The Senate has passed an unparalleled $2.2 trillion economic rescue package steering aid to businesses, workers and health care systems engulfed by the coronavirus pandemic. CLICK HERE

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