The "Wordle" Craze Taking Over Social Media

You may have seen daily screenshots of grey, yellow and green boxes taking over social media. First thoughts on these strange small boxes within a larger box may be: "Is this a Tetris game that everyone is playing?" or "Is it some sort of code or art?"

The code part may be correct. The online game is called "Wordle" and it's a website-based daily puzzle game where participants have to guess a 5-letter word correctly -- without any clues!

After an attempt at a word is filled in, letters within boxes for that particular word will change to three possible colors.

  • Grey - meaning that letter is not in the word
  • Yellow - meaning that letter is in the word but has not been placed in the correct spot
  • Green, which designates that the letter which was chosen is in the right spot within the word.

Players only have 6 tries to crack the 5-letter word of the day. There is only one puzzle available to the public per day via the game's website (no app to download!) and refreshes the following day for a new puzzle.

Screenshots of attempts - or victories! - can be shared across social media with the puzzle number as well as the amount of attempts out of six at the and tile placements.

Can you guess the word in one shot?

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