Miller High Life Wants To Help Turn Your Backyard Into A Dive Bar

Since the Coronavirus Pandemic started, one thing I've really been missing is... a good DIVE BAR! It was always a good time knocking 'em back and hanging with good friends and family. Since bars are still pretty much closed for the time being, Miller High Life thought of a great new promotion where they bring the dive bar experience... to YOUR backyard! One lucky fan has a chance to win a pimped out backyard dive bar that includes "sticky floors" (because all the best ones have them), Miller High Life tap handles, quirky bar stools, a popcorn machine, Miller High Life products and more. The best part is, after making poor decisions all night, your home will literally be steps away!

If you'd like to enter the Miller High Life Backyard Dive Bar Sweepstakes, time is running out!

They are accepting submissions through Tuesday September 22 at

Good luck!

Photo: IFCNext / Miller Brewing / Molson Coors Beverage Company

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