Dunkin and Harpoon Launch New Donut-Infused Beer

This morning, Dunkin has announced they are extending their partnership with Harpoon Brewery and will be launching a new line of donut infused beer! Flavors include Dunkin' Pumpkin, Jelly Donut, Boston Kreme and Coffee Porter.

Harpoon Dunkin’ Pumpkin | Inspired by everyone’s favorite fall pumpkin latte, this “Spiced Latte Ale” is brewed with real pumpkin, pumpkin pie spices, and a splash of coffee. Light in color and easy-drinking, it’s a perfect blend of all the autumn flavors we love, with just a touch of espresso-like roast! ABV: 5.2%
Harpoon Dunkin’ Boston Kreme | This “Boston Kreme Stout” is brewed with real Dunkin’ donuts and cacao nibs, which add extra dough-like and chocolatey notes to an easy-drinking, creamy Dry Irish Stout. ABV: 4.3%
Harpoon Dunkin’ Jelly Donut | Brewed with real Dunkin’ donuts and raspberry purée, this slightly hazy IPA has bright notes of jelly and citrus from the addition of fruit-forward Hüll Melon and Citra hops. ABV: 5.7%
Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter | Harpoon’s first ever tribute to the Dunkin’ coffee that has helped keep Harpoon brewers running, this classic American Porter combines malty notes of chocolate, caramel, and toffee with the comforting and familiar flavor of Dunkin’ Original Blend coffee. ABV: 6.0%

Dunkin Pumpkin will be available on draft or in six packs, as well as the Dunkin Dozen twelve pack. You'll be able to track this down starting early September. Read more via the official press release here.

Photos courtesy of Dunkin Brands / Harpoon Brewery

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