#PoorJennifer Is The New Work From Home Meme

Working remotely is now our new "normal". While most work is done on your own, from time to time you'll have to conduct a meeting with others. How do you do that? Well, there are several popular webcam apps like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Facetime and even Zoom that can help out. During one company's meeting on Zoom, a woman now coined "Poor Jennifer" must've completely forgotten about her coworkers, as her webcam showed her pulling her pants down, and proceeding to use the bathroom as her co-workers watched and cringed. The moment she realized she screwed up, she turned her camera around immediately.

Here is some commentary from Twitter...

I will not share the video as that is super embarrassing, but would like to take this time to give you some good work at home tips..

  • Choose a well lit space where there will be no interruptions and will remind you that you are at "work".
  • Get dressed as you normally would so you keep a routine going.
  • Take frequent breaks to prevent fatigue
  • Stay hydrated!

Got any tips of your own? Would love to hear them! Find me on social at @justPEREZplay.

Photo: Tomazl / Getty Images

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