Janet Jackson is Coming To Connecticut

Janet Jackson is going on tour and will be stopping in Connecticut!

Her new album, "Black Diamond" is set to be released in a few months. Jackson's Black Diamond World Tour will start this June in Florida.

Tickets for the Black Diamond World Tour will go on sale this Thursday, February 13th.

You can catch her in Connecticut, at Foxwoods, on Friday, July 17th. She will also be making other local stops in Boston, New York and New Jersey.

The tour will feature all new dance routines, staging and music from the "Black Diamond" album. She will also be performing some of her most well known hits from over the years.

Jackson said on her Instagram,

"Black Diamonds are the toughest of all the diamonds, the hardest to cut. I see that as the hardest to hurt or destroy. There is a lot that I have endured. I see myself as a Black Diamond in its purest form. I’m a rock, I have ruff edges but I keep moving forward. I want to show you my strength as well as give you strength."

Source: Good Morning America

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