Selena Gomez was Concerned Over New Album

Selena Gomez, 27, has spent four years working on her most recent album Rare. In her interview with Dazed magazine she admitted she feared her fans would not like the music. This is Gomez's third solo album and the songs are noticeably more personal than her past releases. Many fans have been able to relate to several songs on this album like "Lose you to Love Me", which has been a radio hit.

She shared that because the album took so long to create, that if it was not successful it would ruin her career. Gomez admits that she doubts herself a lot and so if no one liked her new music, she wouldn't know what to do next. She has publicly thanked fans many times for all the support.

Selena Gomez recently earned the number one spot on "Billboard Hot 100" with "Lose you to Love Me". Her whole album, Rare, also was number one on the "Billboard 200" chart, which is Gomez's third time having an album with this ranking.

Many have been taking guesses as to who is the inspiration for the songs on this album and although some may say it is obvious, Gomez has not specified.

As for Gomez's future plans, she is hoping to release some Spanish music soon.

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