Taylor Swift Celebrates National Cat Day

Tuesday was National Cat Day, and Taylor Swift commemorated the special moment with an Instagram post.

The black and white photo shows her from behind, holding one of her fur babies – either Meredith or Olivia – over her shoulder.

“Hug your cat today. Or don’t, if your cat hates hugs. But anyway. Happy #NationalCatDay from me, Olivia, Meredith, and Benjamin,” reads the caption.

Taylor acquired Benjamin this year, after he made his acting debut on the set of her video for “ME!” Olivia and Meredith also appeared in that video, but they’d previously made their big-screen debut in 2018, when they were pictured on a t-shirt worn by Ryan Reynolds in the movie Deadpool 2.

Later this year, Taylor will take her feline obsession to the next level by becoming a kitty in the movie musical Cats.

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