Best Movies Coming Out In October

This is the time of year (if you ask me) that we start to get the best movies of the year....I know summer is big for some blockbusters, but entering the last few months there are always a TON of big time movies coming out in theaters to help fill those holiday voids.

Joker - October 4th: It's Joaquin Phoenix's turn to tackle this iconic role...and honestly - I think he's the perfect fit for the gig. I expect him to rival Heath Ledger's Joker and be in the talks as the greatest Joker of all-time.

Gemini Man - October 11th: Will Smith vs. Will Smith - I've been in on this movie since the first trailer came out and I'm still not 100% confident that I can mentally fathom how this is pulled off (or if I can mentally handle WS killing WS if it comes to that).

Zombieland: Double Tap - October 18th: There is something about Woody Harrelson and zombies that just does it for me. He loves Twinkies, his dog and Dale Earnhardt - he IS America. The first installment was a beautifully ridiculous knock on Zombie movies with a comedy spin and it delivers...I expect 2 to do the same.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil - October 18th: Time to double up on your 10/18 movie weekend since this one is coming out too. I think the reason I like Maleficent movies the most is that it's such an anti-Disney Disney movie (if that makes sense). They took Sleeping Beauty, a beautiful wholesome fairy tale - and spun it from the eyes of evil, and lets be honest - who doesn't love a good villain?

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