Ron Burgundy Visits Ever Late Night Show

The one and only Ron Burgundy, aka Will Ferrell, stopped by every single late night show Thursday night as a surprise guest to promote the second season of his iHeartRadio podcast, simply titled, The Ron Burgundy Podcast. Although, the legendary anchorman wasn't just doing typical interviews promoting the show, he performed hilariously bad standup routines on each show.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Ferrell basically just stuck to his standup set. While on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ferrell was invited over to the couch to chat with his old SNL buddy.

On Late Night With Seth Meyers, Ferrell got into a fight with his hipster ventriloquist dummy. While on Conan, he busted out some prop comedy that would make Carrot Top proud. Following his standup bit on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Ferrell even sat down with Corden when the animal expert from the San Diego Zoo came out with an alligator, a cougar and a skunk, the latter of which, had the comedian on the run. "It's the only animal that keeps me up at night," Ferrell said of the adorable skunk.



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